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† Yuki † 京
25 June 2007 @ 09:30 pm
I´m in love with this song ~_~ i can´t get it of my mind >_>
yeah new job, new bored life style... plp must think i´m crazy x.x they just don´t get me x.x~~

Disabled Complexes - ☠ Dir en Grey  ☠

Ah, I can't sleep again tonight
Because you exist
Because I was raped by you
Why do you believe their voices?
Ah, I won't be able to sleep again tomorrow

I threw away, even my slightest hope
Deep down
And I go mad again tonight - And again tonight I go mad

Ah, I can't sleep again tonight
Because you exist
Because I was raped by you
Why do you believe their voices?

I can't coexist in the fabricated society with a crowl
There is no meaning in living

The world is full of psychoes
In your mind

Chikau kotoba mo nai nagasu namida mo karete
Tonight I go mad

Psycho killer
† Yuki † 京
17 June 2007 @ 01:32 pm

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† Yuki † 京
15 June 2007 @ 09:46 pm

Which of NBC's "Heroes" are you?
You scored as a Hiro Nakamura
A cubical jockey for a large corporation in Tokyo, Hiro is a worker bee in a sea of worker bees, but theres a hint of the nonconformist in him. His cubicle is characteristically dull and his mind appears to be delusional. When avoiding work, Hiro spends his time staring at the clock, willing its hands to move back, even a second. It never does. Until today.
ohh what should i say? o-o yattaa? no -_-aww cmon no sense...
i´ve been watching this serie ^^ well i like him..is ok, fun^^
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11 June 2007 @ 11:55 pm
i changed my LJ layout, i don´t know i feel like change it and i made this one ^^miyawaki wataru style ;p nope i didn´t stopped love my Kyo xD
love him and so this new layout xD
ohh ToT it´s a bit late, i should take a rest..sleep @~@
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03 June 2007 @ 12:19 am
yeh me again trying to keep this thing alive... well ok i feel like say about Mr. Aki´s new look xD
it´s what i think, he is looking like Kyo >_>
obvious he is sexy xD but it´s Kyo´s hair style and that topless haha ok i love it *o*
weird, i always tought Aki is cute, but now he is more than that xD totally sexy ûoû~~
<----- damn look ! x.x~~
i made a VOX account today :B, i was looking for Olivia´s pictures and i found this page, it´s cool tough^^
and i give a try to Jakura and Gothika, they´re different, Jakura is a vk band and like outhers, they disbanded but Gothika is active, hmm i´m still watching Nana xD omg so funny and dramatic >> i´m on episode 43 ^-^
kissu for everyone i like, u know who is xD
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23 May 2007 @ 10:51 am

 From left to right : Takuma (dr.),Sarino (vo.), Kenta (gu.), Yusuke (ba.)

Shelly Trip Realize *o*~~ now they changed their name to : Tinc.
sounds a bit weird o.õ but they´re so cute and happy xD this post i made for them, i fall in love with those guys since when i listened to Hot chocolate, Sarino is my fav *-* they are happy and make me happy tooxD~~  they´re like candies o.o you always want more and more xD~~
and again i luv to thanks to my friends cause they´re special to me ^-^
Ludii *o* thank u >.<do u want to kill me? xD omg >O<~~ have a nice trip in Nihon !!! enjoy : D
luv u too my friend xD haha u´re so funny :B what´s that about have sex with kyo >_> ok...ahaha
Lee my sis she´s my friend too xD always cheerful and listen to me^-^
Actually i´m having a little problems but left it behind ,i´ll not gonna  be dramatic here xD
Deevinne ,Gaia was funny xDi enjoy much there^-^ but i´m leaving xD
Riyen, i want to see the pictures of the concert,ok? take a lot *o*xD ^^
luv u all *o*
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06 May 2007 @ 01:27 am
Wataru >p

Nothing interesting to post today, but here goes one of most hot japanese musician ,well i tought u.u
take a look at him>>
Riyen good lucky at Diru´s concert ToT~~ >p
Ludi ur LJ finaly!xD great^^
DeeVinne thank u for being my best friend in this country ,i can feel u´re better^^ i´m glad :D
Koi ai shiteru uo u~~

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20 April 2007 @ 02:58 pm
The weak is over and i didn´t noticed that >x> i´m like ...let´s say : vegetables... x.x
changing the subjective ¬o¬*
I luv Kyo, Dir en Grey are doing a really great job! they´re getting better each year >D
The Marrow of a bone is so amazing! love eternal for diru!
i hope someday see them...
here is one pic of my God...^-^
*omg his expression makes me cry T^T~~
kyo don´t cry x.x
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06 April 2007 @ 01:01 pm
Hoje é niver da minha melhor amiga e querida companheira de Jrock xD a Verônica!
Felicidades! tudo de ótimo pra vc fofa :****** Amo você^-^
:B fiz este post especial para vc xD Omedetouuuuuu! Happy B-day!

Parabéns pelo seus 21 anos !*ta véia igual eu agora ;b n escapaXD*

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